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Zwischen Politik und Schauspiel
 Mein Blick einen Kontinent, seine Verbündeten und die wachsende Souveränität. 

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Publishing date: August 23rd 2023

My new book "WELTBÜHNE AFRIKA"-  Between politics and Drama, delves into the current relationship between Africa and its external partners. After decades of exploitation African governments are increasingly feeling the pressure from their young population, who are calling for "true independence." This demand is further amplified by the current geopolitical situation involving China, Russia and the West. Interestingly, African states, contrary to the silent expectations of the European and Western economies, abstained in the first vote of the UN General Assembly against Russia`s invasion in Ukraine, signaling a shift towards a New Economic World Order becomes louder.

The book explores why decades of communicated narratives and domestic debates about Africa in Europe, spanning several decades have contributed to a growing sense of alienation from Western partnerships. Additionally it delves into, how these debates have impacted the author`s life as a representative of the global African diaspora, both personally and professionally. Notably, the author served  as Germany`s first black MP and was also the first actor of African descent to star  in a TV serious outside of  the United States. 

Ultimately the book poses the question: QUO VADIS AFRICA ?



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