Education is the key and the youth is our future

I always liked to shure my experience with future generations. There is special knowledge and interdisciplinary knowledge which in my eyes  is even more special. 

I am very honored to be a board member of the Institute for European Studies at UC Berkeley. Having been offered the commencement speaker at the American Graduate School in Paris in 2020 I can now find myself in the ranks of prominent predecessors likethe Former French Prime Ministers, Michel Rocard and Alain Juppé.

I gave lectures at universities like Harvard University on the transformation from totalitarianism and colonialism to a modern society, at Technical University (TU) Berlin about economic development in Africa, on parlamentarian democracy at Universidad Catholica in Caracas, Venezuela, Howard University, Washington D.C. about diversity in Europe as well as at Technical University in Costa Rica and Technical University in Panama City after I held a lecture at Ciudad del Saber.  Subject: The transformation from fossile to green energy including fiscal options for the industrial sector. The importance of institutional investment and FDI in Africa I stressed at a panel discussion with the former Minister of Finance of Austria in Vienna. In times of globalization  interdisciplinary is a prerequisite for a profound political analysis on all relevant levels. 

For German speakers- if you are interested in watching a discussion with me about the Nexus of  Philosophy , Theater and Politics which took part at German Bundestag please klick here.